Baumann Property Company brings more than 30 years of experience to your project. Our real estate services are top-tier, and we work with you to define specific goals and achieve them. It’s not enough to hope things go your way. At BPC, we leverage experience and knowledge few other companies in the industry are able to utilize in real property management. Here are our real estate services:

Accounting & Financial Services

BPC provides the easiest to read self-balancing operating reports by any management company in the industry. Add to that our knowledge of the financial markets, BPC can assist you in obtaining the best possible financial package for your real property.

Account Brokerage

BPC offers brokerage services to our clients in all areas at competitive pricing and with the knowledge of your real property and the industry that will ensure the maximum value for your property. Whether your looking to buy or sell let BPC represent you to maximize your goals!

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Commercial Leasing

As part of our commercial management and operation we offer leasing on the properties that we manage as well as those that we don’t.  If you need specialized, personalized leasing of your commercial property call BPC.

Construction Management & Rehab

BPC has many years of extensive construction and rehab management and design-to-build management of both residential and commercial property. We have experience in handling construction jobs exceeding $8 million dollars.

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Property Inspection & Reviews

BPC has extensive experience in handling your property inspection for your due-diligence as well as assisting you with your investment analysis, workout of troubled properties or simply consulting in a full range property management and ownership operational needs.

Market Studies

BPC performs market studies for you so that you can more fully understand the environment that your property operates. From competition surveys to general business environment and impact BPC can help.

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Asset Management

BPC’s many years of property management, acquisition, and disposition clearly give us a distinct advantage in providing an owner with exceptional asset management services.

Maintenance Services

BPC has a full-service maintenance crew available to provide you with a full range of services in operating and maintaining your property when you cannot afford or do not want the responsibility of maintaining a service staff of your own. Our qualified personnel is there to assist when you need them, and you only pay for the times that you require service.

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