Baumann Property Company, Inc., (BPC) has been a leading property management company in the St. Louis, Missouri area since 1988. BPC is a full-service real estate management company with experience providing a multitude of diverse management services to residential and commercial property, planned unit developments with mixed-use, and condominium and home owner’s associations for owners throughout the United States. BPC is a Missouri Corporation with almost 30 years of experience by its founder and president, Herbert J. Baumann. BPC specializes in multi-family management with an emphasis on closely held property requiring specialized attention to meet the specific needs of owners and the individual site.

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BPC owns and manages all types of real estate including multi-family, commercial and office properties throughout the Midwest and Southeast. BPC’s specialty is managing multi-family property ranging from new construction to substantial rehab and turn-around. Our clients have included some of the largest institutional investors as well as private individuals from around the country.

Baumann Property Company, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Herbert J. Baumann to provide management services to a number of closely held real estate developments. BPC also provides consulting services to other real estate management companies and individual owners seeking to solve specific problems or accomplish specific goals with their own real estate. With many years of property management experience among its principals, BPC offers the type of expertise that few other companies are able to demonstrate in all aspects of real property operation.

Currently, BPC manages approximately 3000 units, several commercial and office properties and many homeowners & condominium properties throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area. Our customers are from around the country and have included some of the largest institutional and corporate owners. BPC specializes in providing customized management expertise to individual and institutional owners who desire more than the larger management companies are willing or able to provide. When an owner hires BPC they have the owner and key personnel of this company managing their site and are not having their property handed off to some unknown junior associate.

BPC’s clients have included real estate owners who own as many as 50,000 apartments to as few as 8. BPC provides the utmost in service and satisfaction in handling an owner’s real estate investments and specializes in providing property-specific services for difficult, troubled, or property requiring partial to total rehabilitation. Our hands-on approach to managing real estate by our owners and key principals affords all of our customers the type of expertise unavailable by any other company, especially the national operators.

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