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About Us

Who We Are

Baumann Property Company, Inc., (BPC) has been a leading property management company in the St. Louis, Missouri area since 1988. BPC offers specialized management services that are unique in the industry.  We pride ourselves on results and doing things quite differently than most other companies.  We are famous for solving problems! 


We are a full-service property management & investment company with experience providing a multitude of diverse services to a wide variety of residential and commercial property owners from across the nation.  We are in the problem-resolution business as that is what property management is all about!  We specialize in residential real estate problem solving but have worked successfully managing all types of commercial and residential real estate.  However, apartments and condominium properties are our main focus.  BPC is the expert in multi-family management with an emphasis on closely held property requiring specialized attention to meet the specific needs of owners and the individual site.  We have worked for some of the largest owners from throughout the United States to small property owners and individuals. BPC is a Missouri Corporation established in 1988 with over 45 years of experience by its founder and president, Herbert J. Baumann.

What We Do

As one of the most experienced professional management companies in the St. Louis region, we have the ability to provide services to our clients that are unattainable from most property management companies. We practice hands-on management with an aggressive approach to problem solving.  We are driven by action and results!  BPC also actively manage the property to prevent problems or issues from developing.


We understand that asset management is as important as property management, therefore we work with the owner to insure that both goals and controls are in place at each site that we manage.  Our Team's experience has covered all types of real estate asset and property management from new construction, class A, B and C properties, distressed or older developments, rehabilitation of properties in need of updating and renovation, tenant upgrading and overall community reputation restoration.  BPC has been involved in over 100,000 apartment and residential units in our history of real estate management.



We keenly focus on details and problem-solving!  All aspects of real estate ownership and operation are important to being successful from curb-appeal to marketing, cost-containment, resident relations and service, and bottom-line financial success.  BPC keeps an ear to the ground and an eye on the competition, the economy and the market to anticipate trends and to institute creative and budget-conscious programs for taking advantage of opportunities available. 


Proper and timely execution of property personnel effort is critical to success!  Outside-the-box marketing, maintenance, personnel, administrative and financial controls are at the core of the professional services that BPC brings to the business of property management. Recognizing the specific needs of each owner/property is critical to being successful with each property.


At Baumann Property Company, marketing begins with the basics of attractive, well-maintained properties – CURB APPEAL. Curb appeal takes on all forms from property appearance/landscaping to the presentation of the site’s staff in performance of their duties.  From there, we add a knowledge of the product and the market, an understanding of the current, potential and former residents of the property and the leasing/marketing trends and movements within a given marketplace.


Baumann Property Company has a hands-on culture, where all the executives have worked their way through the ranks of the industry, accumulating the kind of real world, front-line knowledge and hands-on experience that proves invaluable to real estate owners today.


Put Our Performance to Work For You

Higher Occupancy Lower Turnover

Our belief is in the basics.  Attractive assets attractively maintained and priced at market will be successfully occupied.

Profit Performance

BPC management is committed to the success of your property. Our success depends on it.

List of Services

  • Apartment Management

  • Condominium & HOA Management

  • Asset Management

  • Property Renovation/Rehab

  • New Construction Design & Consulting

  • Real Estate Tax Appeals

  • Property Acquisition Consulting & Management

  • Property Inspections & Due Diligence

  • Multi-Family Market Analysis & Studies

  • Maintenance Services

  • Property Management Consulting



Property maintenance is fundamental. It means keeping the property attractive and leasable. 

Tightly Controlled Operating Costs

We understand that cost control is an indispensable component for the profit goals of the ownership and investors.

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Baumann Property Company, Inc.

Real Estate Management & Investment Since 1988

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